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Emma was born at the family estate of Maer Hall, Maer, Staffordshire.   Her parents were Josiah Wedgwood II and Elizabeth ‘Bessie’.  Emma  was the youngest of seven children.  Her grandfather, Josiah Wedgwood, had made his fortune in the pottery industry.  


Charles and Emma became engaged on November 11, 1838. Charles referred to November 11th in his diary as ‘the day of days.’ They were married at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Maer in England on January 29, 1839. One of their cousins, Reverend John Allen Wedgwood, officiated at their wedding.  Emma wore a green silk dress. "I have bought a sort of greenish-grey rich silk for the wedding, which I expect papa to approve of entirely, and a remarkably lovely white chip bonnet trimmed with blonde and flowers." (Source: Henrietta E. Litchfield. "Wedding Clothes.").  They moved to ‘Macaw Cottage’ in London soon after.  In 1842, the family moved to Down House (then in Kent, now in the London Borough of Bromley) and this is where both Charles and Emma died.  Emma is buried in the St. Mary the Virgin churchyard in Downe.


The following shows the Darwin’s family tree.


An article was written in Bioscience (May 2010, Vol. 60. No.5) on

the theme of ‘Was the Darwin/Wedgwood Dynasty Adversely

Affected by Consanguinity’  (and includes a family tree)


The following books give some insight into

Emma Darwin’s family of birth, her upbringing

and marriage to Charles Darwin:


‘Emma Darwin: The Inspirational Wife of a Genius’

by Edna Healey (published 2002).


‘Emma Darwin: A Victorian Life’

by James D. Loy &  Kent M. Loy (University Press of Florida, 2010)


Emma’s culinary skills are highlighted in a more light-hearted

publication:‘Mrs. Charles Darwin's Recipe Book’ by Dusha Bateson

and Weslie Janeway (Glitterati Incorporated, 2012)









Emma Darwin (nee Wedgwood) lived from 2 May 1808 - 7 October 1896.  She was the wife and first cousin of Charles Darwin

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