Are you a fan of the 19th Century

scientist, Charles Darwin?

If so, this website is for you!  


This website aims to draw together key publications, media and websites on Charles Darwin for the enthusiast.

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Want to encourage your children to find out about Darwin?  Try out some of these publications! (Published before 2005)


Charles Darwin (Importance of...) by Don Nardo

Charles Darwin (Scientists of the World) by Nandita Das



The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin (New York Times Best

Illustrated Children's Books (Awards) by Peter Sis (2003)

Charles Darwin (Giants of Science) by Blackbirch/Anna Sproule

The Amazing Voyage of Charles Darwin (Great Explorer)

by Anna Nilsen



Charles Darwin (Scientists Who Made History) by Cath Senker

Charles Darwin (Groundbreakers) by Ann Fullick



Charles Darwin: The Evolution of a Thinker by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent (Apr 2001)

Charles Darwin: Naturalist (Great Minds of Science) by Margaret J. Anderson (Jan 2001)



Spilling the Beans on Charles Darwin by Dennis Hamley, Paula Borton and Mike Mosedale (1 Jul 2000)

Charles Darwin by Fullick, Ann (2000)



Charles Darwin: His Life, Journeys and Discoveries (Education on Site) by Caroline Overy and Jennie Fordham (1 Jan 1998)

The Adventures of Charles Darwin by Peter Ward (30 Oct 1986)

Charles Darwin and Evolution (Pioneers of Science & Discovery S.) by Bernard Stonehouse (27 Aug 1981)

Charles Darwin (Chelsea House Library of Biography) by Don Nardo (Apr 1993)

Charles Darwin: Revolutionary Biologist by J. Edward Evans (25 Nov 1993)

‘Charles Darwin’ by  Clarke, Brenda  (Cherrytree : 1988)


For a critique about children’s books on Darwin click here


Details of a website show-casing children’s books on Darwin and evolution

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