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He was ‘born a naturalist’, taking interest in animals, plants and geology.  He wrote many scientific papers during his life, including 25 books, the most famous of which is ‘On the Origin of Species’.


‘Darwin didn't change the world by his actions - he changed our perception of it.

His theories of evolution by the process of natural selection went against just about everyone's beliefs and made him a true revolutionary. Yet it was hardly possible to meet a more genteel and respectable man. Darwin wasn't one to stir up controversy - indeed he sat on his findings for many years, presumably because he was only too aware of the religious and political storm that would follow their publication.’  BBC Shropshire 2009


Darwin also wrote thousands of letters.  Darwin’s  letters, his autobiography and the reminiscences of family members gives us an insight into Darwin, the man.


2009 marked the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of  'On the Origin of Species'.


There have been two attempts to designate ‘Darwin’s Landscape Laboratory’ around Downe as a World Heritage Site.

"Darwin's explanation of the process of organic evolution is today the very basis of our understanding of nature and underpins biological research in every part of the world. It is humbling and salutary to realise that although as a young man he spent five years sailing round the world, he gathered and collated the vast majority of his evidence sitting in his study at Down House and observing, with unparalleled acuity, the process of nature in his own English garden and surroundings. The house, its grounds and the countryside around must surely have a pre-eminent claim to be given World Heritage status." Sir David Attenborough.


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You’ll probably already know this but ….Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury on 12th February 1809.  After spending his youth in the town, he went to Edinburgh to train as a doctor and then to Cambridge to study to be a clergyman.  He spent five years of his life on the Voyage of the Beagle.  After living in London for six years he moved to Downe (now in the London Borough of Bromley) where he lived for forty years, until his death on 19th April 1882. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

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